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M.F.A Thesis

KIDDO, 2016

Kiddo is an app that helps kids become fashion designers.

It brings kids' playful vision to life and helps them explore their creativity. Kids can design and purchase one-of-a-kind outfits for their cherished dolls. 

Each doll had a unique outfit made by me. I want all children to be able to make special clothes for their dolls. 

So I created KIDDO.



Five Simple Steps





Play Video

KIDDO is for kids

ages 5 to 11

who use technology.


KIDDO is for kids who love their dolls and want to make them even more special. It is also for parents who want to help their children develop skills in design and artistic expression.


Cross the Ocean

Do Exercise in a Sunny Day

Go Fishing

Meet My Rabit

Visit Aliens

Sleep with Moon and Stars

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